Floor Return/Floor Furnace Grilles

Floor grills

Walk on Floor Grilles- Suitable For Floor Traffic

Heavy Duty Steel Construction/ Welded Corners

Provides Smooth Firm Surface

Over 75% Free Area

Brown Finish


All sizes are listed by opening size. Click on a size for more information on this floor air return grille. See link at the bottom of the page for more Floor Grille/Floor Register styles.


6x6 12x10 16x12 20x6 22x14 24x18 26x20 30x4 30x28 32x26 34x30
8x4 12x12 16x14 20x8 22x16 24x20 26x24 30x6 32x4 32x32 36x4
8x6 14x4 16x16 20x10 22x18 24x22 28x4 30x8 32x6 34x6 36x6
8x8 14x6 18x4 20x12


24x24 28x8 30x10 32x8 34x8 36x8
10x4 14x8 18x6 20x14 22x22 25x20 28x12 30x12 32x10 34x10 36x10
10x6 14x10 18x8 20x16 24x4 26x6 28x14 30x14 32x12 34x12 36x12
10x8 14x12 18x10 20x18 24x6 26x8 28x16 30x16 32x14 34x14 36x14
10x10 14x14 18x12 20x20 24x8 26x10 28x18 30x18 32x16 34x16 36x16
12x4 16x4 18x14 22x4 24x10 26x12 28x20 30x20 32x18 34x18 36x18
12x6 16x6 18x16 22x8 24x12 26x14 28x22 30x22 32x20 34x20 36x20
12x8 16x8 18x18 22x10 24x14 26x16 28x24 30x24 32x22 34x22 36x22
12x9 16x10 20x4 22x12 24x16 26x18 28x28 30x26 32x24 34x28 36x24

For More Styles and Sizes, Click Here: Floor Register Store