GFX-Anodized Aluminum Finish
Commercial Fixed Bar-Type Return Grille

6x4 8x4 10x4 12x4 14x4 16x4 18x4 20x4 24x4 30x4 36x4 40x4 48x4 50x4 60x4 72x4
6x5 8x5 10x5 12x5 14x5 16x5 18x5 20x5 24x5 30x5 36x5 40x5 48x5 50x5 60x5 72x5
6x6 8x6 10x6 12x6 14x6 16x6 18x6 20x6 24x6 30x6 36x6 40x6 48x6 50x6 60x6 72x6
  8x8 10x8 12x8 14x8 16x8 18x8 20x8 24x8 30x8 36x8 40x8 48x8 50x8 60x8 72x8
    10x10 12x10 14x10 16x10 18x10 20x10 24x10 30x10 36x10 40x10 48x10 50x10 60x10 72x10
      12x12 14x12 16x12 18x12 20x12 24x12 30x12 36x12 40x12 48x12 50x12 60x12 72x12
        14x14 16x14 18x14 20x14 24x14 30x14 36x14 40x14 48x14 50x14 60x14 72x14
          16x16 18x16 20x16 24x16 30x16 36x16 40x16 48x16 50x16 60x16 72x16

Horizontal (wxh)

  18x18 20x18 24x18 30x18 36x18 40x18 48x18 50x18 60x18 72x18
    20x20 24x20 30x20 36x20 40x20 48x20 50x20 60x20 72x20
      24x24 30x24 36x24 40x24 48x24 50x24 60x24 72x24
        30x30 36x30 40x30 48x30 50x30 60x30 72x30
          36x36 40x36 48x36 50x36 60x36 72x36
            48x40 48x40 50x40 60x40 72x40
              48x48 50x48 60x48 72x48

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Vertical (wxh)

6x10 8x10            
6x12 8x12 10x12          
6x14 8x14 10x14 12x14        
6x16 8x16 10x16 12x16 14x16      
6x18 8x18 10x18 12x18 14x18 16x18    
6x20 8x20 10x20 12x20 14x20 16x20 18x20  
6x24 8x24 10x24 12x24 14x24 16x24 18x24 20x24
6x30 8x30 10x30 12x30 14x30 16x30 18x30 20x30 24x30
6x36 8x36 10x36 12x36 14x36 16x36 18x36 20x36 24x36 30x36
6x40 8x40 10x40 12x40 14x40 16x40 18x40 20x40 24x40 30x40 36x40
6x48 8x48 10x48 12x48 14x48 16x48 18x48 20x48 24x48 30x48 36x48 40x48        

  • Extruded aluminum construction.
  • Baked White Enamel Finish.
  • Higher quality construction than the RA-W or RA-AL.
  • Comes in aluminum or white finish.
  • Horizontal bars at 40°.
  • Blade spacing is ¾”.
  • Face bars permanently fixed into heavy aluminum frames.
  • Dimensions listed as Width x height.
  • Example: If your hole is 20" wide by 14" tall, order a 20x14. If your hole is 14" wide by 20" tall, order a 14x20.
  • Listed dimension is duct opening size.
  • Overall size = Listed size + 1.75".
  • For ceiling or sidewall applications.
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Special Options:
  • Any duct opening size is available by special order. Min. 4"x3" Max. 72"x48"
  • This includes any odd, even, & fractional dimensions.
  • Optional round over frame.
  • Optional ½" blade spacing.
  • Optional 0° blade deflection.
  • Optional curved blade design.
  • Standard finish baked white enamel or anodized alumuminum.
  • Custom colors available by special order.
  • Custom finishes- baked enamel, kynar, & anodizing available.
  • Stocked with screw holes, available without by special order.
  • Standard lead time on special options is four weeks.
  • Call 1-800-972-5391 or
  • Email Sales/Info for pricing or questions.