Aprilaire 5000

(#501 media)

Are you replacing your Aprilaire's 2200/2400 air filter media? Upgrade today with Aprilaire's new MERV 13 kit for HVAC filter media.

  1. Get nearly 2x the cleaning power over the standard MERV 10 air filter media pads.
  2. Eliminate the need for spacer combs and seal kits.
  3. Installation of Aprilaire air filters is much easier. Installation Video

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Humidifier Pads are now available for Aprilaire, Honeywell, and General Humidifiers.  Click here for models and availability

DDo you need a replacement air filter media pad for your Aprilaire/Spacegard, Honeywell, GeneralAire or Trion Air Bear air cleaner? For your convenience we keep these in stock in both the OEM (original brand name) and their generic brand equivalents. Click on your brand name above and the different HVAC filter media options for each these units will be displayed.

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Aprilaire Media Replacements

MERV11 Media For Aprilaire 2200
Everyday Price 32.03 ea.

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Aprilaire MERV 13 Upgrade Kit
AA1213 76.30 ea.