Baseboard Register Store

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hart and cooley 406
Standard Styles Short - 4.5” tall registers stocked in both white and brown finish, all of these will include the damper control and requires the ductwork to be in the floor. Stocked lengths are 15", 18", 24",48" Hart & Cooley Series 406, 462, & 464.
hart and cooley 664
Standard Styles Tall - 7.25” tall vents stocked only in white finish. Typically the ductwork is on the wall near the floor. Custom sizes are not available in these styles.
Hart & Cooley Series 655 & 658.
hart and cooley 657
Wall Baseboard Vents - These vents are made with a .875” turn backed flange. They are available in limited sizes in both supply and return.  White Steel Construction.
Hart & Cooley Series 657 & 664.
wood baseboard vent
Wood Baseboard Registers - Unfinished Red Oak Baseboard grilles are perfect for matching trim and floors. They are stocked in three sizes and available for custom order in any size.