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Step 1- Select a Honywell Zone Control System
Kits include TruZone™ Panel, C7735A1000 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor, and AT140A1042 40VA Transformer.
HZ432K For Conventional, heat pump or dual fuel applications up to 32 zones (3H/2C)
HZ322K For Conventional or heat pump applications up to 3 zones (2H/2C)
HZ311K For Conventional applications up to 3 zones (1H/1C)
HZ221K For single stage heat pump applications wih auxillary heat up to 2 zones (2H/1C)
Step 2: Select a Honeywell Zone thermostat for each Zone
Any 4-wire Honeywell zone thermostat will work
TH8321U1006 VisionPro 7-Day Touchscreen 3H/2C w/Dehumidification
TH8320U1008 VisionPro 7-Day Touchscreen 3H/2C
TH8110U1003 VisionPro 7-Day Touchscreen 1H/1C
TH6220D1028 FocusPro 5-1-1 Programmable 2H/2C Large Display
TH6110D1021 FocusPro 5-1-1 Programmable 1H/1C Large Display
TH5220D1029 FocusPro 5-1-1 Non-Programmable 2H/2C Large Display
TH5110D1022 FocusPro 5-1-1 Non-Programmable 1H/1C Large Display
Step 3: Select Zoning Damper   Step 4: Select Bypass Damper
Rectangular Supply Dampers   Bypass Dampers
ZD10x8 ZD18x8   SPRD8 0 to 400 CFM
ZD12x8 ZD20x8   SPRD10 401 to 750 CFM
ZD14x8 ZD20x10   SPRD12 751 to 1200 CFM
ZD16x8 ZD24x8   SPRD14 1201 to 1800 CFM
Round Supply Damper   SPRD16 1801 to 2400 CFM
ARD6 ARD14      
ARD8 ARD16      
ARD10 ARD18