Drop Ceiling Air Vents

Most companies give you one or two choices of T-Bar Diffusers. We have over 40 styles for drop ceilings. Look around our site to pinpoint the style you need, then place your order directly online.
Contact us at 1-800-972-5391 if you have additional questions about our drop ceiling vents.
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Louvered - Drop ceiling air vents for moderate to high volume capacity applications. Steel construction. White finish.
Perforated - Perforated drop ceiling diffusers and perforated return lay-ins for low volume applications. These HVAC diffusers for drop ceilings are made with steel and have a white finish.
Returns -Drop ceiling returns that are louvered, eggcrate, stamped, with or without filter racks in both ducted and non-ducted.
Plastic Drop Ceiling Air Vents - Use in areas where moisture, MRI, and corrosion is an issue.
Aluminum Drop Ceiling Air Vents - Use in areas where rusting, weight, and corrosion is an issue.
Concentric Drop Boxes - Use on package units. Stocked in a few variations but please call if you don't see what you need.
Accessories -Dampers, insulated backs, radiation dampers, and fire blankets.