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Mold, bacteria, dust, radon, tobacco smoke, pets, cooking and leaky appliances all contribute to our indoor air quality. This page contains many ideas, products and links to help you with your concerns. We also offer you IAQ products such as air purifiers, humidifiers and HEPA filters. The FAQs to the right are answers from the EPA on this topic and indoor air quality systems.
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Indoor Air Quality Links:
Below is a list of links with information on mold within the home. If one were to do a search on the Internet the results would show 1000’s of sites. These sites were chosen because they do not promote any products or services but exist only for consumer information.
Toxic Black Mold Information Center - Educates consumers on where they might find toxic black mold, including ductwork and air conditioning coils.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- A brief Guide to Mold, Moisture in Your Home.
California Indoor Air Quality Program– This site contains a very large list of mold related links from many different states and Canada.
Wikipedia– This site contains general information on indoor air quality and quality links to explore the subject further.
North Carolina Dept of Health– How to tips on improving IAQ in the places you live, work, and play.