Laser Cut Wood Grilles

The laser-cut wood grilles will add to the beauty of your home. These custom wood grilles can be cut to any size and any shape that you need.
Contact us at 1-800-972-5391 if you have additional questions about our laser cut grilles.

  Click pattern for a list of standard sizes:

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Pattern B Pattern F
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Pattern D Pattern H

Additional Patterns Available For Order
Almost any pattern or size is possible with our custom wood grilles. Please call or email if you don't see the custom wood vents you need.

laser cut

  • Any size available up to 96"x48".
  • Used to decorate any air return duct.
  • ¼” thick Baltic birch hardwood w/ furniture grade veneer.
  • Laser cut grilles are unfinished and pre-sanded.
  • For wall/ceiling applications. 
  • Oak, Cherry, or Maple veneer.
  • Maple is the best choice for painting.
  • Available by special order without screw holes.
  • Custom designs or patterns available.

laser cut grilles